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If you record at home you feel like your tracks deserve a huge RockHEro sound ? Send us your clean electric guitar track, we will pass it through our amps head and speakers that you can choose from a list and we send you back at least 5 tracks in a big studio high quality like.

Recording a guitar or bass track at home with plug ins works quite well, you play alone, with no pressure, you have time to think about it, freely editing for the perfect track

However is not your heroes sound, you probably need a good head, recorded with high class microphones and preamps, you need a high grade recording studio with a big room for that.


Fender  Dual Showman 
Marshall Vintage Modern
Orange AD 30 Twin
Vox Ac 30 HW
Masotti M1
VHT Special 6 
DV Mark Ciro Manna Signature Head
Marshall JMP 1
Brunetti Vintage
Mesa Boogie V Twin Rack
Mesa Boogie  Valve 50/50
Advance Tube TA 70
Fender Vibro king 2x12"
Marshall Jcm 900
Orange 2x12 Open Back
Vox Hand wired 2x12"
Mesa Boogie 2x Black Shadow 1x12"
Masotti 4x12"
VHT Special 6 112C
DV Mark 2x12" Cabinet


you can choose among these fantastic equipments

8,20 EURO 
+ tax 22% each track you submit

WE will do it for you. You just send us your clean guitar
( no delays-no reverbs-no huge saturation ),
at the frequency and bit you use in your project.

We send you back the same track passed through the head and cabinet you will choose and capture the resulting sound with high grade recording gears, microphones and preamps.

We will send you at least 5 tracks recorded with the proper microphones to suit your sound and genre, from different positions:
• two mics for the proximity sound
• Room sound and ambiance with the DECCA Tree system ( 3 mics )


  • Tape microphones

    Royer 121
    Cooles 4038
  • Dynamic mics

    Shure Sm 57
    Shure Beta 57
    Sennheiser MD 421
    Sennheiser MD 441
    Sennheiser E 609
    Electrovoice Nd 408
    Electrovoice Pl 20
  • Condenser mics

    Sony C 800
    Neumann U 47 Fet
    Neumann U87
    Neumann U87 Ai
    Neumann Tlm 170
    Neumann Sm 69 (Stereo)
    Akg 414 B Uls
    Akg 414 Tlm
    Akg 414 XL II
    Akg Solidtube
    Schoeps Cmc6 - Mk4
    Gefell M93
    Gefell M930
  • Ambience

    Ambient Mics
    Decca Tree  Neumann 3 x M 150 
    2x Earthworks Tc 40 K
    2 x Dpa 4066
    2 x Dpa 4091
    2x Gefell M 930
    2x Gefell M 293
    2x Akg 414 B Uls
    2x Akg 414 Tlm
    2x Akg 414 XL II
    2x Akg Solidtube
    2x Schoeps Cmc6 - Mk4
    Neumann Sm 69 (Stereo)


Same thing can be applied to bass tracks as well

Don't forget that you will get a discount for all the Drums Circle services such as remote drums recording

WE can also, on request , offer our mix and mastering services as well

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If you're ready to rock, fill the form and submit your file.
Normal working time is one day after payment is received.
Pay with PayPal 10,00 Euro for each uploaded track
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